Coming from all over the world – South Korea, Greece, United Kingdom, Russia, and the United States – discover the lineup!

La Tasha Barnes & Joshua Mclean (USA)

La Tasha Barnes. She is celebrated for her musicality, athleticism, and joyful presence throughout all her dance forms which include: House, Hip Hop, Waacking, Vernacular Jazz, and Lindy Hop. She has received titles and acclaim at Lindyfest, Lindy Focus, BABBLE NYC, Herrang Dance Camp and Solo Mojo 2017, not to mention World House Dance championships. La Tasha continues to develop her knowledge and performance skills across her many disciplines and she strives to inspire fellow artists to cultivate an authentic sense of self in their creative expressions and daily lives.

Joshua Mclean lives in Seattle, Washington, and has been dancing since he was five years old. He started dancing Lindy Hop in 2011, and has travelled to Chile, Spain, Sweden, Canada, and all over the US to teach and perform Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Solo Jazz. In the classroom, he enjoys focusing on rhythm, fluidity of motion, balance, and partnered technique. Some of Joshua’s favourite accomplishments include being honoured as a Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassador of Lindy Hop.

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Jeong Woo Hong & Crystal Lee, South Korea

Their overflowing energy, their friendly, laid-back attitudes and their teaching methods leave everyone in their classroom with smiles on their faces. If you’re not convinced, come and see for yourself! Founders of a dance school in Seoul, Jeong Woo & Crystal Lee teach there on a weekly basis, but they also travel around the world to pass on their technique and style, their passion and their energy!

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Daniil Nikulin & Maria Philippova (Russia)

Daniil Nikulin is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher. His dance path started in his hometown – Moscow with Boogie Woogie in 2009. Today Daniil is a Russian Lindy Hop champion and a winner of numerous international competitions in solo jazz and one of the most interesting dancers of Moscow swing dance scene. For his solo dancing Daniil is looking for inspiration not only in authentic jazz, but also in many other styles surrounding him in present day whether it is Indian classical dancing, locking or ballet.

Maria Filippova. After a couple of years of the competition and social boogie life Maria discovered Lindy Hop. She was looking for something more deep and natural, was interested in jazz music and some of her boogie friends at that time switched over to the Lindy Hop side. In 2014 she started teaching with Daniil and in 2016 they became Russian Lindy Hop Champions. Since then she has become a recognizable dancer and teacher travelling all around Europe and Asia, to events like Lindy Shock, Dragon Swing Festival, and Swim Out Costa Brava. Maria has a unique style: a mixture of clear technique, awareness and elegance and is currently interested in the principle of active following and leading, the flow principle of moving, rhythms and syncopations.

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Irene Ragusini & Tony Jackson, Greece & Great Britain

Irene Ragusini is a Greek Italian visual artist and a dancer. Trained in ballet for many years, she likes to try different things to combine her experience gained from different dance forms, aiming for better technique as well as rhythmical and musical understanding.Tony Jackson is a British danser whose background in dancing includes dabbling in original funk styles such as popping and locking before he stumbled across lindy hop walking along the South Bank in London.

Tony and Irene are being recognised amongst a new generation of Lindy Hop dancers and teachers. Since their teaching at the most prestigious and historical dance camp, Herrang Dance Camp, they have continued to travel and teach regularly all over Europe. Tony and Irene have a focus on rhythm, underpinned by clarity of lead/follow technique and embracing rhythmic creativity and variations. They focus on developing their student’s appreciation for rhythms as a tool for creativity, freedom and individuality.


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