workshop program

Learn more about the rates, the passes, the venues, and also the dances and levels.



10h workshop

6hours lindy

4hours jazz roots

Party pass with 3 live concerts

6h workshop

6hours lindy

Party pass with 3 live concerts

4h workshop

4hours jazz roots

Party pass with 3 live concerts

Party pass

3 evening parties with live music

Bargain hunt during the day, dance at night.


lindy hop - 5 levels

Level 1 – you’ve been dancing for between six months and a year. You started taking classes between September 2018 and January 2019. You know the fundamentals of Lindy Hop and social dancing, and you’re taking regular classes.

Your goal: Consolidate your fundamentals, and improve your knowledge and understanding so you can take to the social dancefloor with confidence.

Level 2 – you’ve been dancing for one or two years. You’re into your second year of Lindy Hop, so you’re at ease with different tempos and like to add musicality into your dancing. You’re used to social dancing and workshops.

Your goal: Develop your musicality during social dance and consolidate your technique.

Level 3 – you’ve been dancing for 2 or 3 years. You regularly dance Lindy Hop in class and on the social dancefloor, and you’re a regular at international dance camps.

Your goal: Consolidate your technique and add style to your Lindy Hop. Gain the knowledge you need to make your dancing your own.

Levels 4 & 5 (auditioned) – you’ve been dancing for more than 4 years. You’re at ease with Lindy Hop, and perhaps you teach swing dance in your home scene.

Your goal: Build your knowledge and understanding of musicality and style, while working on your technique. If you choose level 4 or 5, you’ll attend an audition before classes start on Saturday to make sure the class groups are consistent in ability.

jazz roots & charleston (solo) - 3 levels

Level 1 / Beginner : you’ve been dancing for less than a year. You’ve been taking regular classes since September 2018, and are starting to put jazz steps and charleston into your dancing. Or, if you’ve never done jazz roots before, but you’re up for a challenge, this level is also for you.

Your goal : improve your knowledge, understanding and musicality

Level 2 / Intermediate : you’ve been dancing for more than a year. You’re familiar with the basic steps of jazz roots and know part or all of the Shim Sham and/or the Tranky Doo.

Your goal : expand your jazz vocabulary with more complex movements, including variations, and start to build your understanding of improvisation.

Level 3 / Challenge : You know the classic routines and like working on jazz roots improvisation.

Your goal : Refine your technique, style and improvisation technique, either on your own or in a group.

SCHEDULE (coming soon)

First lindy classes will start saturday around 9 am and the last will finish sunday around 6 pm. 3 lives parties will be organized from friday to sunday evening. All workshops and parties will take place at “Chartrons” district.


The 3 evening dance will take place in the heart of Les Chartrons area, at La Halle des Chartrons.
The workshops will also take place in this area, in different rooms : La Halle des Chartrons, l’Atelier 14, at Gouffrand and Izifit room. Your room will be indicated in the definitive schedule.
All the « OFF » activities on Saturday and Sunday afternoon (vintage designers market, jam session, wine tasting, artist workshops) will take place at La Halle des Chartrons.